7 ways to celebrate National Fry Day at your independent restaurant

Jul 7, 2023

National French Fry Day is an ode to one of Canada’s most delicious, beloved and versatile snacks. Who doesn’t love a crispy, perfectly salted French fry? This culinary celebration provides an excellent opportunity for independent restaurants to showcase their creativity and attract customers with innovative approaches to this popular side dish—and with great products from sources like Cavendish Farms in New Brunswick, foodservice operators can easily create high profit, delicious dishes that customers of all ages can enjoy.

As we approach National French Fry Day, let’s explore some exciting and unique ways restaurants can elevate their fry game and delight customers on this special occasion. Here are seven ways your independent restaurant can celebrate National French Fry Day—this year, it takes place on July 13! For personalized guidance or to place an order for your business, please contact us. We’d be glad to help.

1. Global Fry Tour

Take your customers on a journey around the world with a diverse range of international flavours. On National French Fry Day, offer a special menu featuring fries inspired by different global cuisines. For example, serve poutine with traditional Canadian toppings for those looking for a taste of home, but also consider Thai-style fries with sweet chili sauce and peanuts or Mexican-inspired loaded fries with guacamole and salsa. Embracing multicultural influences will give your customers a chance to savour global flavours in a familiar and delightful form.

2. Creative Fry Shapes

Surprise your customers with fries that come in unexpected shapes. Instead of standard straight-cut fries, experiment with waffle, curly, shoestring or crinkle-cut fries. These unique shapes add novelty and provide a different texture and flavor experience, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

3. Healthier Alternatives

Appeal to health-conscious customers by offering healthier fry alternatives. Consider using sweet potatoes or other root vegetables for a nutrient-rich twist. Baked or air-fried options can also reduce calorie count while maintaining a satisfying, flavourful crunch. Pair these fries with a selection of plant-based or vegan dips to cater to a broader customer base. Or, toss them in fresh herbs and spices for a low-cal kick!

National Fry Day - Cavendish Farms Infographic 1

4. Fry Flights

Inspire your customers’ culinary curiosity by offering ‘fry flights’ that allow customers to sample various flavours and dipping sauces in smaller, shareable portions. Create a tasting menu with different fry styles ranging from classic to gourmet, and pair them with unique condiments. You can go rich, spicy, tangy, herbaceous or put a spin on classic ketchup! This concept encourages adventurous eating and makes for an appealing, Instagrammable presentation—that’s always a good thing.

5. Fries as an App

Introduce fries as a mouth-watering, shareable appetizer option to enjoy with friends and family. Offer a selection of mouthwatering toppings and garnishes that can be customized to suit individual tastes. The possibilities are endless, from loaded fries with cheese and bacon to exotic spice blends and herbs. Or, elevate your French Fries with notes of truffle, parmesan cheese, house-made aiolis and more!

6. Dessert FriesNational Fry Day - Cavendish Farms Infographic 2

Expand the concept of fries beyond savoury dishes and surprise your customers with sweet versions of this beloved snack. Try serving cinnamon sugar fries with a chocolate dipping sauce or drizzling honey or local maple syrup over crispy sweet potato fries. These dessert fries can be a unique addition to your menu and create a memorable customer experience.

7. Unique Menu Pairings

Consider curating a few special fry pairings that complement your most popular dishes and/or beverages. For example, offer a variety of French fries that have been specifically designed to pair well with different types of craft beer, Ontario beef steaks, fried fish or gourmet burgers. A curated combination of flavours can enhance your customers’ overall dining experience and leave a lasting impression.

So, are you hungry yet? We bet your customers are. Let’s celebrate the versatility of French fries and indulge in the joy of culinary experimentation during this year’s National French Fry Day. For more advice and recommendations from Morton’s team of foodservice experts, please contact us. Thanks for reading and please share this post with any chefs, restaurant owners or other foodservice leaders who may find it helpful.