Facebook Advertising Checklist for Food Service Entrepreneurs

Jun 23, 2020

Digital marketing in today’s world can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming with all the different options that are available. It is important for an independent restaurant or food service business to understand these options and how they can help grow your business. At Morton Food Service, we make a point to stay on top of cost-effective and successful digital marketing strategies. We will be sharing a variety of articles, videos, and tutorials to help our customers – independent restaurant or food service business owners like you – succeed.

One such strategy we would like to introduce is Facebook Advertising.

“With more than 2.3 billion people using Facebook every month, and nearly 1.6 billion users every day, Facebook offers up a unique opportunity for marketers to augment their organic efforts. The trouble is, with both an investment of time and money on the line, there’s not much room for oversight.”

This article will provide a step by step checklist to ensure you are correctly using Facebook Advertising. This service has been around for some time now and can be successfully used by restaurants and food service businesses to increase their brand awareness and reach and to target new potential customers.

To help, Hubspot has put together a checklist to help you keep all of your campaign details straight. Or watch a short video on how to increase the effectiveness of your ads and budget. These will help ensure that you’re tapping into the right audience with the right ad at the right time.

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