How a Morton client turned greenhouses into COVID-friendly outdoor seating

Oct 27, 2020

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the independent restaurant business is full of innovative, hardworking individuals who are dedicated to serving their community. Through challenge after challenge, we’ve seen our clients rise to the occasion by finding creative ways to combine safety and good service. A perfect example of this is Debb’s Cuisine on Queen in Dunnville. They’re a longtime Morton client that serves incredible meals with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. Here’s how Debb’s turned adversity into an incredible dining experience for their customers.

Responding to COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, Debb’s closed their dining room and turned to takeout and curbside pick up orders. They limited their hours, stopped catering services and adjusted all in-house operations to prioritize the well-being of their staff and customers. The restaurant released a statement explaining their commitment to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, also noting, “We are committed to doing everything we can to make Debb’s Cuisine a safe, happy and love filled respite during this time.”

Creating a safe, inviting outdoor dining space

After some time, it was clear that the pandemic was going to be a long-term issue and creative solutions were a must. Debb’s didn’t have an existing patio, but their team had an idea. The restaurant sourced four greenhouses from a local manufacturer and got permission from the municipality to install them in front of the restaurant. Debb herself decorated the greenhouses, adding flowers and other homey touches as well as comfortable seating and overhead heat lamps. Soon, the “dining pods” were launched – and they were an immediate hit! Customers love the privacy, safety and ambience these greenhouses provide. Not only do they look fantastic, they offer a unique dining experience that’s tailored to COVID-19 prevention. They’re even a bit romantic, according to some customers!

Cheers to innovation

Debb’s Cuisine is a cornerstone of the Dunnville community and we’re pleased to see them demonstrating resilience during this time of change. They’re a great asset to the Haldimand-Norfolk area and an excellent example to other independent restaurants. If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll stop by and check out their dining pods – tell them your friends at Morton Food Service sent you.