Investing in our clients part 2: using online channels to support independent foodservice

Dec 29, 2020

We recently shared some of the technical innovations Morton Food Service has made over the past year in part one of this series on supporting our team and our clients. It’s something we’re proud of, particularly as we see the fantastic results of these investments in action. We firmly believe that Ontario has one of the best independent foodservice communities in the world, and we’re grateful to be a part of it. And, our infrastructure was only the beginning!

Here’s some more information on how we’ve provided thorough, innovative resources and updated our online channels to help clients get what they need in 2020, from products and packaging to online marketing resources.

Making better use of online channels

It all started with our new website, which got a major refresh for added function, style and ease of use. Now it’s as modern and professional as our services are, and is a great way to showcase the Morton Food Service heritage and brand. We also updated our logo, our brand guidelines and other visual elements to provide a consistent, recognizable look across all channels, from our trucks to our social media platforms and more. We made showcasing our products and vendors a priority, as this is important information for our team and our clients alike.

Next, we got to work on using this new website as a way to communicate thought leadership in the foodservice industry. Our team has unparalleled expertise and a ton of valuable insights to offer, particularly because so many of our sales reps previously worked as chefs in the independent restaurant business.

Over the past year and particularly since the pandemic hit North America, we’ve been focused on offering customer resources and partner stories on our website. We’ve provided free eBooks to help independent restaurants adapt during COVID-19, and highlighted stories of resilience and success among our clients. We have always had a clear, defined commitment to the independent foodservice community but now, we’re making a point to proactively share our expertise and provide resources in a convenient, accessible manner.

How this helps Morton clients

Our efforts support our clients in a number of ways. First, we present ideas and information that help your independent restaurant in real time. This includes guidelines for reopening after lockdown, best practices for offering takeout and how to optimize a winter patio. We back up these guidelines with support from our team, making them easier to implement quickly and well.

We also share positive stories that not only highlight the featured client, but inspire others to follow their lead. We’ve shown restaurants that adapted to restrictions by building greenhouse patios or adding take home meals to their menu. We’ve amplified our clients’ charitable efforts, including many food donation programs (several that Morton has gladly added donations to) and programs designed to support restaurant staff. These partner stories make us proud and encourage every reader to give back in their own way. In these challenging times, we believe it’s a much needed message and positivity and strength.

Supporting our team and our clients

As we’d said before, Morton Food Service understands that when we invest in our business and provide our team with the best possible resources, that benefit is transferred to our clients. We are committed to continuing this approach into 2021 and beyond. We also feel that these results will only grow stronger and better as we come out of the pandemic and move into a more normal phase of life.

Thank you for reading and for your support of our independent business. We will continue to support yours during these challenging times and through to the other side. If you’d like to know more about ongoing initiatives at Morton Food Service, please reach out to your sales rep or contact us by phone or email. We’d be pleased to hear from you.

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