Is your independent restaurant serving Easter brunch next weekend? Here’s how to attract more customers

Mar 20, 2024

The Easter Bunny is on his way—and if he’s making a stop at your independent restaurant, that’s a great opportunity to engage with your community! Easter falls on the early side this year—Good Friday is March 29, 2024 and Easter Sunday is March 30th—so it’s coming up fast. Many families choose to cook at home on a holiday, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to head out to a restaurant for Easter brunch—especially if you have a large, intergenerational group to keep happy.

That’s where your independent restaurant steps in. Family-friendly Easter activities and promotions can appeal to customers and motivate them to make a reservation over the holiday weekend. Here are some targeted strategies you can utilize to attract guests to your Easter brunch and give them a memorable, interactive experience they’ll want to turn into an annual tradition.

If you’d like personalized advice from the Morton Food Service team, please contact us—we’d be glad to help. Now, let’s hop to it…

Create An Easter Egg Hunt & Family Brunch Package

Combine the brunch experience with an Easter egg hunt to create a compelling package for families. Hold the egg hunt at a specified time before or after brunch (you can also have multiple egg hunts and brunch seatings). This works best if you have a patio or other outdoor space that’s safe and contained, but can also be done throughout your main dining area. In addition to nut-free chocolate and jelly beans, consider hiding special tokens in eggs that can be exchanged for prizes or discounts at your restaurant. That’s a win for kids and their parents!

Offer Photo Opportunities with the Easter Bunny

Parents love a photo opp. Hire someone to dress as the Easter Bunny (or have one of your staff take on this task) and roam around the restaurant during brunch hours. Offer guests the chance to take photos with the Easter Bunny (ideally with a festive backdrop, but tableside works in a punch). This not only creates a memorable experience, it also provides excellent content for guests to share on social media, giving your restaurant free promotion.

Create an Easter-Themed Brunch Menu

Design a brunch menu that incorporates traditional Easter foods and springtime favourites. Include items like ham and cheese quiche, roasted spring vegetables, sliced turkey, scalloped potatoes and breakfast favourites like bacon, fresh fruit, croissants and other pastries. Add a few kid-friendly items (chicken tenders, french fries, grilled cheese triangles). Don’t forget to add creative Easter-themed cocktails and mocktails for adults, and special drinks for children. For example: create a strawberry lemonade called The Easter Bunny, or rename your Shirley Temple for the day.

Decorate with Spring in Mind

While many of your Easter brunch features will have younger family members in mind, you want older family members to enjoy themselves, too. Transform your restaurant into a spring oasis with pastel colours, floral arrangements, and Easter decorations. Table settings, napkins, and even staff outfits can align with the theme to create an immersive experience.

Get crafty

If you are catering to families with young children, add some simple crafts to each table: colouring pages with crayons, Easter eggs that can be decorated with markers and stickers, or another low-mess activity. This gives parents the opportunity to enjoy their brunch while children are entertained, enhancing the family-friendly atmosphere.

Have an Easter Basket Raffle

Everyone loves a giveaway, and Easter is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with a raffle. During your Easter brunch, host a raffle where every table is automatically entered to win an Easter basket filled with goodies: chocolate, candies, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes, bubbles and other spring items. If you’re friendly with other local businesses, ask them to contribute a gift card or small item in exchange for promoting their involvement. You can also offer additional raffle tickets for purchase to increase the chances of winning, with proceeds going to a local charity.

Offer Kid-Friendly Favours

Every Easter brunch should end on a sweet note! Consider offering a special takeaway item for children, such as a small chocolate bunny, a package of chocolate eggs or a cookie that’s been decorated like an Easter egg or bunny. This small gesture can leave a lasting impression and encourage families to return next year. If your restaurant has branded stickers, add them to the treat’s packaging!

Encourage Social Media Use with a Contest

Post to win! Consider encouraging guests to share their Easter brunch experience on social media by hosting a contest for the best photo. They could post photos of their meals, their decorated eggs, or their family enjoying brunch. Use a unique hashtag for the contest, make sure they tag your independent restaurant’s social media accounts, and offer a great prize such as a gift card to your restaurant.

By focusing on creating a festive, family-friendly atmosphere with engaging activities like an Easter egg hunt and photo ops with the Easter Bunny, you can make your restaurant the go-to destination for Easter brunch in your community. These promotions not only enhance the dining experience but also build lasting memories that encourage repeat business. Once again, our team is here to help—please contact your local Morton rep if you’d like help getting started! Happy Easter.