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Jeff Campbell

Territory Sales Manager

“Our job is to deep dive into each customer’s operations and personalize our service to suit each individual operator.”

Jeff Campbell is a former chef who loves everything about the food service industry. With a great attitude and years of experience, he goes above and beyond to help his customers succeed. In his downtime, Jeff plays the guitar, cooks for friends and family, and hangs out with his dog, Timber. Here’s what Jeff had to say about working with Morton Food Service.

How would you describe the Morton difference to existing and potential customers?

We take pride in really getting to know our customers. Meeting in person, asking and answering questions and trying to be the go-to partner they are looking for—we do these things to help achieve success.

How does Morton work as a team to help independent restaurants thrive?

That’s who we are! A team of food service professionals, dedicated to the success of independent restaurants, using all the resources available.

In your experience, what value does this collaborative approach to client service provide to foodservice operators?

You have to ask questions and listen to the operators. Share their concerns and look for ways to help them succeed. Using every tool, every vendor, every bit of information available, our job is to deep dive into their operations and personalize our service to suit each individual operator.

What previous experience do you have in food service, and how do your knowledge and skills help support independent operators?

I’m a chef and have worked in the food service industry—from room service, to kitchen, to operations—for over 35 years.

Tell us about a time you went above and beyond to help a customer.

It was a busy weekend, and the customer ran out of products and wouldn’t be able to provide a full menu until our next delivery. I drove two and a half hours and filled my car with what they needed to get through until their next delivery. In the space of 5 hours, they were back up and running full speed.

What is the best part of your job?

As a chef, and now as a salesperson, I get to talk about food all day with other chefs. It’s pretty awesome.

What customers have said about Jeff:

Morton sent one of their managers to work with the kitchen staff for a few days, on the line, looking at recipes and streamlining the front line, to ease the pressure on the kitchen and give the staff the confidence in dealing with a very busy summer season, to execute the delivery of menu items in better time, and with a better food cost.

– Alejandro, White Squirrel Golf Club, Zurich

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