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Jon Mullett

Territory Sales Manager

“We pride ourselves on service and knowledge. We are not just someone to take your order—we are a company that can adapt to your needs.”

Jon Mullett is a former chef who loves working with independent restaurants and knows exactly what they need. He’s an expert in this industry who works hard and finds innovative solutions to help his customers. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time with his three kids and making music. Here’s what Jon had to say about working with Morton Food Service.

How would you describe the Morton difference to existing and potential customers?

We only operate in the independent food service world. As a small business, you are our #1 priority. We work with our customers to find solutions big and small. Whether it be the timing of your deliveries, sourcing new products, menu engineering and food cost analysis, we are engaged with your business and are here to help!

How does Morton work as a team to help independent restaurants thrive?

We pride ourselves on service and knowledge. We are not just someone to take your order. We are a company that can adapt to your needs. There is a collaborative effort from all teams at Morton to make sure you get the quality products you need on time.

In your experience, what value does this collaborative approach to client service provide to foodservice operators?

It provides peace of mind and takes away some of the stresses of being an operator. Your success is our success! We are partners in your business and will offer as much assistance as needed.

What previous experience do you have in food service, and how do your knowledge and skills help support independent operators?

I spent 15 years as a chef in many operations from fine dining and private clubs to pubs and everything in between. I have a broad scope of knowledge and great understanding of operators’ specific needs. If you’re a scratch kitchen, need more value-added products or something in between, I can help guide you to make the right choice for your operation.

Tell us about a time you went above and beyond to help a customer.

Once on a Friday, we ran into a shortage of kangaroo loins for a customer’s holiday season special menu. What was I to do?! Go to the zoo? Buy a plane ticket to Australia? Have you seen a kangaroo in the wild?! It’s like a deer that’s spent time in prison lifting weights!!

Luckily, we found some kangaroo loins at one of our partnering vendors…but they were located in Etobicoke. Several hundred kilometers later, kangaroo was back on the menu!

What is the best part of your job?

Being surrounded by people who share the same passion for food in the industry I love. I can talk at lengths with operators about their ideas and will find products and solutions for those ideas. I love it when I’ve advised a customer on a certain way to do things and then I see it in action on their social media channels. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I had an impact on their finished product.

What customers have said about Jon:

In my area I have had many different reps over the years and I am currently working with a fantastic man named Jon Mullett. The only reason I am naming him is because I feel like we are more than just business associates now—more than that, we have become friends through Morton. Jon is a seasoned chef himself so I can feel confident that we are speaking the same language.

I have been doing this for over 25 years and that is something that I have never experienced before. As a former chef himself I know that when I am looking for something I can talk with him about my vision for the product and he understands EXACTLY what is going to work. We just talk it out, figure out costs and pack sizes and I know that what he will provide will be the best option for my vision. He just gets me.

– Dan Megna, Chef

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