Fardella’s Gourmet Deli products celebrate the timeless appeal of old world craftsmanship, focusing on heritage and quality above all else. While our products are made in Canada, Fardella’s embraces the traditional Italian methods that helped shape these products and allowed us to become a trusted brand among independent food service operators. Each high quality deli product is crafted with attention to detail and a touch of nostalgia. Fardella’s brings exceptional flavour and authenticity to the dishes you serve your customers, keeping them returning for more.
Our promise of excellence means every product we offer is among the best in its category, reflecting the hard work, skill and dedication of a bygone era.
This dedication and unbeatable quality allows your restaurant to shine, offering a menu that’s more than delicious—each bite tells a story of heritage and artisanal pride.

While Fardella’s Gourmet Deli products continue to evolve, our fundamental values of delivering excellent quality and value haven’t changed. Exploring our latest selections means discovering a collection of the highest quality items, each selected with care and pride. Our focus on providing the very best for our customers is reflected in our delectable deli products’ rich, superb flavours and textures.

Join us in celebrating gourmet deli the Fardella’s way, where every bite takes you through a legacy of quality food craftsmanship.

Why Choose Fardella’s?

  • Timeless Old-World Craftsmanship: Fardella’s Deli products honor the timeless appeal of traditional craftsmanship, prioritizing heritage and quality.
  • Emphasis on Traditional Methods: Embracing the techniques that establish Fardella’s as a trusted brand for independent foodservice operators.
  • Attention to Detail and Nostalgia: Each product is carefully crafted, ensuring uniqueness and authenticity in every dish served and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Promising that every product is among the best in its category, mirroring the effort and dedication of times known for exceptional quality.
  • Enhancing Your Menu: Allows your restaurant to offer a menu rich in heritage stories, unmatched quality, and artisanal pride, making it shine.
  • Core Values of Quality and Value: Despite the evolution of Fardella’s Gourmet Deli products, the commitment to quality and value remains unchanged.
  • Selection of High-Quality Items: Discovering our latest selections reveals a range of the highest-quality items, each chosen with dedication.
  • Rich Flavors and Superb Textures: Our focus on excellence is evident in our deli products’ rich and superb flavors and textures.
  • Celebrating Gourmet Deli: Inviting you to celebrate gourmet deli the Fardella’s way, with every bite marking a legacy of quality food craftsmanship.

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