Noble Pork is proud to be an industry leader that offers top-tier Canadian pork products to independent food service operators.

In addition to sourcing the best possible pork for your menu, we provide expertise from a team of seasoned chefs and other food service professionals who are dedicated to developing premium products.

Developed by Morton Food Service, Noble Pork delivers an incredible selection of high quality, in-demand products that provide unparalleled value. Each product embodies a legacy of tradition fueled by unwavering passion and dedication. The end result? We make sure independent foodservice operators have access to the finest pork in the market.

Naturally smoked bacon

You had me at bacon!

  • Canadian pork
  • Superior flavour
  • Premium quality pork
  • Consistent performance

Fresh sliced centre cut

  • Product Code: 401051 (10/12 slices per pound)
  • Product Code: 401043 (14/16 slices per pound)

Breakfast sausage

Why Noble Pork?

  • Different from your competition
  • High value products
  • Convenience
  • Supported by industry leading service

100% pure pork with a natural casing

  • Butcher’s Blend 12pcs per lb
  • Product Code: 401017
  • Pack Size: 1 / 5kg

Canadian peameal bacon


  • Canadian pork
  • Superior flavour
  • Premium quality pork
  • Reliability
  • Consistent performance

Canadian seasoned pork loin with a cornmeal crust

  • Regular sliced peameal
  • Thick sliced peameal
  • Frozen peameal short cut halves

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Deeply rooted in the independent business community for over 100 years, Morton Food Service is the premier broadline distributor to independent restaurants serving Southwestern Ontario and the Niagara peninsula.

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