Ocean Wise Seafood Program

Join The Sustainable Seafood Movement
Ocean Wise Seafood is a conservation program created to educate consumers and businesses about the issues within the world’s fisheries and aquaculture operations and empower them to make informed decisions when purchasing seafood.

Ocean Wise Seafood works directly with businesses along the seafood supply chain to ensure they have the most current scientific information regarding their seafood so they can make ocean-friendly buying decisions. The Ocean Wise branding on menus, product lists or packaging enables consumers to easily choose seafood products that ensure the health of our oceans, lakes and rivers for generations to come.

Why Join?

  • Up-to-date seafood recommendations
  • Seafood sourcing assistance
  • Seafood fact sheets
  • Network connections to like-minded buyers and sellers
  • Profile on Ocean Wise Partner Map
  • Exposure to new audiences
  • Access to new markets
  • Third party recognition of sustainability efforts
  • Use of symbol and brand
  • Traditional and social media engagement
  • Marketing materials
  • Participation in Ocean Wise Seafood events
  • Online and in-person staff training
  • Educational materials exclusive to partners
  • Webinars and workshops

The Ocean Wise Seafood team works individually with over 750 unique partners around the world, including producers, suppliers, restaurants, and grocery chains, to help them make sustainable sourcing practices a lasting part of their business.

Ocean Wise Seafood recommends both farmed and wild seafood options that follow these criteria:

  1. Harvesting ensures healthy and resilient stocks and populations.
  2. Effective and adaptive management.
  3. Limited negative impacts on habitats and other species.

Ocean Wise Seafood focuses on supporting partners along a path of continuous improvement towards the ultimate goal of becoming 100% Ocean Wise recommended, while celebrating and uplifting their commitments throughout Ocean Wise’s extensive network.

Oceanwise Seafood Reasons to Care

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