The Morton Experience

Due Diligence

It may sound like legal speak, but to us it’s a key part of the Morton experience.
Simply put, we want to earn your business – so, we do our homework. The first part of building a long-lasting relationship with our customers is preparation. We learn as much as possible about prospective customers prior to that critical first meeting in order to better understand their business.

We do not offer cookie cutter presentations or sales pitches. The solutions and product insights we provide will always align with your individual goals. Here’s what you get when you work with us.


We’re ready to help your independent food service business thrive and grow. If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to meet. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange an initial meeting.

A Supplier That Understands Your Business

Living and breathing independent food service is all we do, everyday! We extensively study the markets we serve  to offer timely, relevant trend information that works. Beyond great products, we can help you craft the most compelling products to offer your customer a better value when compared to your  competition, especially chain establishments. We don’t just service our customers, we partner with them and provide ongoing best practices to ensure success. Like you, we’re in it for the long haul. We focus on the three pillars of successful restaurants. Consistency in food quality, service and atmosphere.


Our new online ordering platform is a convenient solution for all your food service needs. Simplify your procurement process and keep your kitchen stocked with our high-quality products.

Delivering Products You Need – And Love

You’re busy. With complete respect for your time, we will provide a brief introduction of how we feel we can support your business, and suggest products and services based on our research. We listen and take notes so you won’t have to tell us twice. We offer 6,500 products from 477 vendors to ensure we can help you differentiate your business from your competitors. Our job is to ease your pain points and help your establishment grow. Like most distribution companies, we do have a minimum order amount. Ours is $500.00.

Local and Global Products


Customer Service You Deserve

We stand behind our products and believe that communication is essential to the success of any relationship.

That includes a thorough walk through pricing, product availability and timing from our end. We want your feedback- positive and negative. It’s how we learn.

Things move fast in our business. Our customers rely on prompt and accurate deliveries. That means dynamic, first-in-class systems management, ensuring that every order reaches customers on time and in optimal condition. Morton cutting edge integrated software system supports our commitment to communicate and deliver on our promises time, and time again, Morton recently transitioned into a  state of the art warehousing facility in 2019.

We operate from an approximately 1,000,000 cubic feet distribution centre capable of processing every shipment with precision and speed while maintaining product integrity at every step.

But we didn’t stop there. We run a fleet of 20 modern, tri-temperature-controlled delivery trucks. Each vehicle is equipped with satellite positioning technology to provide customers with faster, more efficient deliveries. Our rapid-fire delivery systems and helpful drivers are ready and capable to service the varying needs of customers.

Morton understands how a restaurant works. Their service is far superior to other options - I feel like they’d do anything it takes to get you what you need. They’re flexible with you so you can be flexible with your customers. A restaurant is a fluid, dynamic place and when you deal with a company like Morton, with a bigger focus on service, it’s really helpful.

– Doug Kalapos,
Billy's Tap House

As an independent restauranteur, having an independent restaurant supplier works for us. It’s a great working relationship. They always strive to get products that best meet our needs, especially with local foods. They took us out to a local farm to meet the producer, and we got exactly what we wanted in the end. They have great knowledge of what we need, and consistently go above and beyond.

– Ryan Odette,
Mamo Burger and Vine + Ash

Our Morton rep is like family to our business. They’re always there, even at the last second. They know what my business needs instead of just selling me random things. There’s no price gouging. Their transparency is everything - they have no problem turning around the laptop to show you exactly how much things cost, what they’re making and what they’re saving you. They’re not looking for volume, they’re trying to get you the right products.

– WIll Thompson,
Stillwaters Plate & Pour

The client service has always been wonderful. Our rep himself is here a couple of times a week. We really like the relationship - we’ve been approached by bigger companies but the relationship is key to us. We can always rely on Morton.

– Kelly Turner,
Angel Inn

Morton has an incredible selection of locally-sourced products and has been amazing at procuring whatever else we need. They sit with us as we go through menu development, talk about how to launch things and figure out systems that really work for our needs. I’ve worked with other companies and nothing has been quite as personal. My relationship with them is phenomenal.

– Court Desautels,
The Neighbourhood Group

Commitment That Lasts

We are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with your business, and to achieve that, we really put the work in. To ensure that we’re doing everything we can to earn your business , our representatives will establish a meeting and order schedule that works for you. 

An invoice is provided at the time of delivery by Morton’s own delivery driver. You will have the opportunity to inspect the delivered products for quality and accuracy at this time. An order confirmation can also be provided when the order is placed. If there is a problem, an adjustment can be made immediately.

A Commitment to Your Success

Morton will provide you with up-to-the minute, accurate, and relevant information as needed to help you react to fluctuations in products and trends. We’re ready to help you meet unexpected situations your business might face. Have additional needs or requests? Just let us know.

Morton is ready to help your independent business thrive and grow.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to meet. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange an initial meeting.

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Deeply rooted in the independent business community for over 100 years, Morton Food Service is the premier broadline distributor to independent restaurants serving Southwestern Ontario and the Niagara peninsula.

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