The Royal Coachman

May 10, 2021

Located at 1 Main Street in the heart of Waterdown, Ontario is The Royal Coachman: a family-friendly British pub set in a historic red brick building that was originally a Victorian-era hotel. With a relaxed atmosphere indoors and an amazing patio complete with a garden feel, The Royal Coachman is an inviting space that’s known for its exceptional fish and chips and huge draft beer menu. It’s where people come together to enjoy delicious food and have a good time!

A great part of a growing community

Located on the outskirts of Hamilton and once known as a quiet hamlet, Waterdown is now a bustling, growing suburb that’s popular with young families. The town has a charming, historic downtown area as well as modern amenities and easy access to green space. The Royal Coachman sits like a pillar in the centre of town and is truly a jewel in the local food community. Friends meet for drinks, families gather for dinner and neighbours know that The Coachman has some of the best food in town. It’s a great spot!

More than a great menu

The Royal Coachman is helmed by owner Ross Nelson, manager Leigh Dineen and executive chef Glen Ferris. In addition to this solid leadership team, The Royal Coachman has an exceptional group of servers and kitchen staff who make everyone who walks through the door feel at home. There’s also a lot of smiles and laughter at the pub — it’s a positive place that brings the community together.

In addition to offering great food and drink, the pub loves to give back. The past year has been incredibly hard on foodservice operations and yet, The Royal Coachman is still stepping up for the Waterdown community. Even when times are tough and they don’t have much to give, they find a way and continue to inspire us all. Ross and his team don’t expect anything in return — it’s just how they are.

Over the holidays, The Coachman raffled off a foosball table in support of the local food bank. They are sponsors of both children and adult sports teams in the Waterdown area, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they hosted several charity golf tournaments with all proceeds going directly to the Woodview Learning Centre school for autism.

The Waterdown Christmas Parade is a wildly popular annual event. When it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, The Royal Coachman raised money to support its return (hopefully in 2021). Another time, the pub partnered with Cogeco to help feed frontline workers at local long term care facilities as a small token of appreciation for their hard work in this challenging time. Chef Glen and his team donated their time and prepared lunches that were delivered to frontline workers by Cogeco staff. It was a fantastic partnership and the pub was more than happy to give back!The Royal Coachman patio in Waterdown, Ontario

Keeping things fun

The Royal Coachman loves hosting an interactive game night so throughout the pandemic, Leigh has invited pub regulars and their friends to join their famous trivia night online! Customers are encouraged to order takeout for the full pub trivia experience at home. It’s been a big hit!

We’re proud to work with this great team and know they’ll continue to be a gem in the Waterdown community for years to come. If you live in the greater Hamilton area, consider ordering takeout from The Royal Coachman. After just one bite, you’ll have plans to order from them again!